Students who continue to study over the summer have an academic advantage over their classmates. They can use their summer break to get caught up with their studies, continue to learn, or even get ahead!

The morning classes for grades 1 - 8 consists of Reading, Writing, and Math class. 

Students will be assigned to classes according to their reading level instead of being limited to what grade they are in school. Therefore each student will study and be challenged at a level that is perfect for them, regardless of their age or grade!


In Reading class, students will read a variety of short stories, novels, and non-fiction articles that fit their reading level. Students will be exposed to classical fiction books as well as news articles on current events. 

  • For younger students, we will do creative projects (e.g. skits or crafts) that connect to their books. 
  • For older students, we will do activities (e.g. presentations or debates) that increase their critical thinking skills. 
  • All students will learn vocabulary words from their books and solve reading comprehension questions that help organize what they read.

In Writing class, students will learn grammar and organization. They will also learn about the different forms of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive.
Students will practice writing personal narratives, reports, friendly letters, and many other practical forms of writing that will be useful in their school and personal lives. Students will learn how to brainstorm, organize their ideas, write drafts, proofread, and finalize their writing.

In Math class, the curriculum will adhere to the Common Core Standards used in North Carolina public schools. Students will review math concepts previously learned and also learn new concepts in preparation for the new school year. Students will be given individual attention according to their math level so every child can be challenged.