At Book Wormz we want to place students in the right class so they can get the most out of it! That is why we choose to place students in classes according to DRA reading levels rather than grade level. This ensures students will be reading books appropriate for them to grow and learn.

What is DRA?

DRA stands for Developmental Reading Assessment. It assesses a student's reading comprehension skills, phonics, and fluency.

How our assessment works

We have selected books for each DRA score range. We will start with books appropriate for the student's current grade level. Based on the initial reading, we can either go up, down or stay in the same level. After the assessment is done we will determine under what class the student will benefit from most.

Can students move up in classes?

Yes! There will be an opportunity for students to move up or down in level based on their performance in class.

There are 7 different levels of classes:  

     Level                   DRA score


          A                            70 - 80
          B                            60 - 70
          C                            50 - 60
          D                            30 - 50
          E                             18 - 28
          F                              3 - 16
     Phonics                       below 3