What is Book Wormz?

Book Wormz is a reading program geared towards helping students enjoy reading while also developing skills to help them move forward in their academic futures.

How is reading beneficial to students?

reading kids.png
  • Reading will naturally increase vocabulary and grammar/writing skills
  • Students who read regularly have higher GPA’s, higher intelligence, and general knowledge
  • Reading helps children calm down and have quiet time
  • Reading improves critical thinking skills

How are we different from other reading programs?

At our core we believe in having small, intimate classes to give students a chance to voice their thoughts freely and without the fear of being over looked. We also strive to recruit teachers who are not only educators but nurturers to their students; helping them think further, speak louder and raise their hands in confidence.

In order to motivate students and show them reading can be fun, our Book Wormz reading
program uses books that are appropriate for each level. Students will enjoy reading fun books while learning how to analyze literature.

What kinds of book do we read?

Our book lists are carefully chosen to include books that have won awards, such as the Newbery Medal and the Wilder Award. They are recommended by the American Library Association, are a part of the Battle of the Books, or are classical literature that students will benefit from reading.

What else do we do?

Our reading program will include vocabulary quizzes, reading comprehension questions, creative projects, essays, skits and much more. Students will learn to share, discuss and reason with their classmates in creative and fun ways.

After all, just reading a book is half the battle, students will need to understand it as well!