Our Programs

Book Wormz

  • A reading program for students in grades 1 - 8
  • Classes are divided by individual reading level instead of school grade
  • Book list comprised of literary award winning, classical literature recommended by the American Library Association
  • Curriculum includes comprehension questions, vocabulary quizzes, group discussions and debates, essays, skits, and creative projects.

SAT Program

  • Three different weekend courses so that every student can find the best match for them.
  • The Introductory course is taught in Korean and will cover materials from TOEFL, SSAT, and PSAT in order to prepare international students for the SATs.
  • The Regular course is aimed towards high school students who are studying for the SATs. Ideally students will be in 10th-11th grade.
  • Designed for top-scoring students, the Premium course includes not only highly intensive SAT prep, but also SAT II and ACT preparation as well. There is a minimum score requirement in order to enroll.

Summer Academic Camp

  • A summer day camp that consists of morning academic classes and afternoon recreation time for students in Kindergarten to 11th grade.
  • Using the Common Core Standards as a guideline, our curriculum covers Reading, Writing and Math.
  • In the afternoon, students can enjoy music, art, sports and field trips.
  • For high school students, we offer a 4 week intensive SAT course.

LTE (Learning Through Experience) Camp

  • English camp for international students. 
  • Tour the East Coast by visiting New York City, Boston, and Washington DC.
  • Learn English with other American students. 

College Tour

  • College tour for international high school students preparing to study in American universities.
  • Visit 10+ universities on the East Coast ranked in the Top 30.
  • Talk with current university students and alumni.
  • Learn tips about writing a great application essay and prepare for the SATs.

Study Abroad Program (6 months to 1+ years)

  • Assist international students wanting to study in America. 
  • Helps students apply to good private schools, find host families, study ESL and the SATs.